How to secure Apple Mac and iCloud accounts in Few Simple Steps

Due to ever increasing hacking incidents, securing you're social or personal has become the need of the hour. The basic security includes adding a strong password to your account so that no one can guess it easily. However, this is not as secure as you think as passwords are generally easier to crack. If you are searching for ways to secure your Apple or iCloud accounts, reach out to us for iCloud support number.

There is a requirement of additional security for your Apple or iCloud account, which can be done in the following ways:

  • Always prefer a strong and smart password which should never be easier to guess for any other person. Use a combination of upper case, lower case letters, symbols, numeric values and never disclose your password to any unreliable source.
  • Set difficult answers to the security questions asked of you which are another method to add additional security to your account. This will ensure that knowing the only password will not let you get access to your account. Security questions will be asked to verify that if it is the right person logging into the account.
  • You can also secure or Apple or iCloud account by applying the two-factor authentication process. Under this whenever you use a new device to sign into your account or want to change your password, you are required to enter the verification code you have received on your phone number. For this, you are required to add your phone number to your iCloud account which you use regularly so that you can receive verification code whenever required. 

To turn on two-factor authentication, follow these steps:

1.     Open settings of your device.

2.     Go to iCloud account and click on Password and Security.

3.     Click on ‘Turn on Two-factor authentication’.

4.     After done, click ‘Continue’.

  • To prevent any unauthorized access to your account, you can adopt the policies and procedures regulated by Apple which will let you keep your iCloud secure.
  • Keep your Apple account with the latest phone number you have as well as keep resetting the passwords frequently to maintain the account’s online security.

To get the support for securing any Apple and iCloud account, make a call at the Mac support number +1-800-241-5303 The technical support team will guide you about the steps regarding maintaining security for your iCloud account as well as precautions to be taken to prevent your account from getting hacked.

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